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View rendered images, and see how Fosair can adapted to meet all user equirements.




NATS New Prestwick Centre Project has been

Populated with Fosair Modular Consoles:

Fosair's modular design and flexibility allows a single core design to be adapted to all ATC applications:




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NATS new 180m  Air Traffic Control Centre is ready for take off

Product, ATC Pilot Simulation

ATC Pilot Simulation


The Universal Fosair Modular ACPO Pilot Simulation Console

replaces the traditional fixed console.






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The ACPO Pilot Simulator console is a fully modular system that configures to state-of-the-art hardware and software systems. Unlike traditional console desks, the Fosair ACPO Work Position is sympathetic to each Operator.


Fosair ACPO consoles are designed for front access and rear hardware installation, cable  installation, and servicing. Being double sided this is a very compact two Pilot Simulator consoles, saving on expensive floor space.


Long term comfort requires flexibility within the workstation that meets individual need. Non reflective surfaces, simple screen positioning, air circulation, balanced lighting, are part of that solution.


Space saving solution, Hardware is installed below work top level in a single mobile 19in racks

These pull-out and rotate allowing engineers full hardware access for installation or maintenance.

Internal lighting is also provided.


To meet occupational health requirements, the two front work surface is electronic height adjustable, With a range of 100mm for operator.

For engineers access to the single pull-out 19in hardware racks, the work surface can be raised to 1200mm allowing engineers a more comfortable working environment.


Above work-surface, the human/machine interface is primarily a suspended system that is simple to move to optimum focus and reach for every Operator


Easy removal of worktops, electronic height adjustment and quick release fixings ensures that the Engineer enjoys the minimum of disruption to test and maintenance procedures.


Consoles are easily reconfigured to new applications as change demands. Every ACPO console is capable of new application with minimum disruption thereby ensuring a safe and cost efficient long-term investment.


Internal segregated cable management through the console, allows for under floor cable access to front  circuit breaker Split top with brush strip access, and vertical leg brush strip access


Unlike other ‘systems’ the ‘FOSAIR’ consoles will reconfigure to innovation, advanced systems integration and platform improvements that means it is never ‘redundant’.


The unique benefits of the FOSAIR range begin below the work surface where housing of the critical software systems allow for inter-change, upgrading and major re-distribution of  hardware as migration occurs.

Easily extracted mobiles (caddies) ensure minimum disruption to an operational environment. Substitution of faulty equipment occurs in seconds.

Safety features include braking systems, energy chain cable housings, in-built lighting, variable fan control, line of sight power distribution boxes, optional front &/or rear access. Fire retardant materials throughout and lockable desk-top height control ensure the highest safety standards.

The ‘Core’ base unit can accommodate racked hardware, CPU’s and all peripheral equipment fixed or loose as required.


We design housings and components to accommodate clients own hardware.


We offer a planning & Imaging service to assist clients in achieving their ideal console configuration and  ATC environment. Client projects data are stored In a password protected Client Project Portal, typical data would include drawings, images, VR’s, walkthroughs and technical Information. This would be updated through out the term of the project.

ATC Pilot Simulation

ATC Control Room Design Service